We're very excited to launch our new website for this new year!

You will notice some new additions- most notably an online store stocked full of the most used paper and items and listing of upcoming events. My hope is that we can streamline the studio experience so that everyone can concentrate more on their print projects and less on chasing up materials and delivery drivers.

By hosting occasional events we hope to bring everyone together in a social scenario so our printers can mingle, meet and check out a film, a print show, or maybe even a potluck dinner. It would be nice to see the young printers meeting the old ones and sharing stories and secrets! ETAOIN SHRDLU, anyone?

I'd like to give the most sincere thanks to our web design team. Jonny Gotham and Dave Dawson have put in an extraordinary amount of effort in designing and implementing this site. John Parsons has further refined the calendar system which he built from scratch for us to make it function even better than before. I'd also like to thank Dylan Fareed, the designer of the site which got us from 2006 to today- that was a project he took on in trade for some press moving help. I know I made out better than he did in that bargain, though I am very glad to know he is still actively printing! 

I hope that you like our new site. And as we move forward let me know if you notice any problems, deficiencies or hiccups. 

See you in the studio,