With the arrival of Spring, come some fresh new classes and developments at The Arm. We have a new session of our Advanced Finishing workshop on the site. For those who want to edge paint cards, cut down jobs with our guillotine, etc. this is your point of entry! You may have noticed Keegan's new Risograph corner in the back. He will be offering some project-based workshops in the near future. Send an email if you'd like to be kept in the loop for these.

We've reorganized the studio and moved some equipment around to improve workflow. The cutter is now in the main room with much better light and access. The composing sticks, ink, ink knives and galleys are now in the office so we can keep them clean and organized. As you need them, just ask! If you have any suggestions for things that would make your life easier when you print here, let me know.

See you in the studio,